Do You Know These Dehydration Therapy Benefits?

Dehydration symptoms range from mild thirst and weakness, to serious health complications, like fainting and a rapid heartbeat. Dehydration therapy restores bodily fluids quickly and opting for this IV treatment, can and will minimize and prevent complications later.

When you lose too much water from your body, you risk dehydration and all the complications that come with. If you lose over 10 percent of your body weight due to lack of water intake, experts consider you to be severely dehydrated.

Benefits of Dehydration Therapy

Efficient Hydration

IV therapy for dehydration is the most efficient way to attain essential fluids into your body. In the 1970s, medical professionals began to use the therapy to treat children suffering from dehydration in impoverished countries. A leading medical journal acknowledged the process as one of, “the most important medical advances since penicillin.”

IV fluid therapy uses three primary ingredients: salt, sugar, and water. Through osmosis, the combination instantly reverses dehydration. The salt and sugar, channel water directly into the bloodstream to fill in the necessities.

In comparison to oral fluid intake, an IV is significantly faster as it travels into the bloodstream without prior processing and absorption. Additionally, it helps replenish the body and serve as a jumpstart to their daily routines.

Replace More Than Water

The misconception lies in believing water alone replaces lost fluids through perspiration. However, you lose more than water when you sweat, it involves secreting trace amounts of salt and other nutrients.

Dehydration therapy replaces essential electrolytes which refresh and restore the body. These compounds rehydrate you quicker and retain water for a longer duration. In addition, the process circumvents the digestive tract to prevent flushing out vital nutrients.

Reduce Recovery Time

Hydration plays a vital role in physical performance. In particular, athletes require regular fluids to avoid fatigue, muscle soreness, and tightness. IV dehydration therapy allows you to push yourself harder during workouts as it serves as your safety-net.

Furthermore, the therapy works well for sick patients who need boosts of vitamin C or B12. These vitamins provide enhanced immunity faster than their oral counterparts.

Dehydration Therapy

Improve Cognitive Health

Water enables the performance of critical cognitive function, like recalling crucial details and paying attention amid conversation. According to studies, cognitive changes are linked to your sodium and electrolyte levels that dehydration impacts.

Even two hours of dehydration may impact your brain functions, experts suggest. A condition called, hyponatremia, refers to lowered cognitive function due to dehydration and low salt levels in the blood. Receiving dehydration therapy allows you to avoid such impairment, along with low fluid levels.

Personalized Solution

At Soma Plastics, we pride in valuing our patients to be absolutely unique. That’s why we tailor your IV dehydration therapy based on your needs.

We ensure that you receive the IV solution that aids you best. One popular compound is lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress. Additionally, it optimizes skin complexion, reduces migraine pain, and regulates blood sugar levels.

Soma Plastic customizes your IV solution to your needs. Whether you seek pain relief or a hangover cure, our treatments restore hydration while alleviating a range of ailments. To learn more about personalizing your IV dehydration therapy, contact our doctors.

How does Dehydration Therapy Work?

The form of therapy work is similar to other IV injections. Based on your specific needs, this hydrating mixture is powered with vitamins, nutrients, and medication.

For 30 to 45 minutes, a Soma Plastics doctor will insert the hanging IV drip saline solution through a small tube into your bloodstream.

Regardless of age, health or sex, dehydration therapy is for everyone. It offers a viable method to improve well-being by boosting energy levels and optimize recovery time from illnesses. If holding doubts towards the treatment, contact the doctors at Soma Plastics for more information.

Symptoms for Dehydration Therapy

As one-third of our bodies is water, the treatment is responsible for balancing water levels and maintaining essential cell function — ensuring your overall health and productivity.

Throughout the day, we continuously lose water as we breathe, sweat, defecate, and urinate. It’s on you to replenish with fluids and hydrating foods to compensate for the losses. To fully grasp dehydration, you need to recognize the warning signs.

Often, dark urine is the first sign of dehydration; a well-hydrated individual should have clear, yellow-tinged urine. The darker, the more fluid to replenish.

The elderly, athletes, and those in warmer climates are especially prone to dehydration; therefore, they should take additional precautions to prevent such. The potential symptoms include:

  • Cottonmouth
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Sunken eyes
  • Pruned skin
  • Low blood pressure
  • Increased heart rate
  • Losing consciousness
  • Fever

Additionally, children have an increased risk of dehydration. They experience the common symptoms, but sunken cheeks, irritability, and lack of tears when crying, are warning signs. Consider treatment if your infant does not have a wet diaper exceeding three hours.

Neglecting the IV dehydration therapy can cause serious health complications, from kidney failure to seizures to heatstrokes. Though, some cases turn fatal, like the death of NFL lineman, Korey Stringer in 2001.

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The Bottom Line

Attain the necessary fluids to stay hydrated from Soma Plastics, and maintain peak performance. Our IV fluid therapy for dehydration offers a rapid, efficient, and cost-effective method to support your lifestyle and health goals.

Find out what Soma Plastics can do to hydrate you when you call today.