The most effective way to remove excess fat or skin from your abdomen is by following a healthy lifestyle. However, if you find that excess abdomen skin does not respond to rigorous exercise and a healthy diet, you may consider a tummy tuck. What is a tummy tuck? It is a major surgery to reduce […] Read more »

Everyone wants clear, vibrant skin. Achieving that effect is easier said than done. Chemical peels are one of the best treatment options for people that want better and brighter skin. Chemical peels have been around for nearly two hundred years, and there is no shortage of different types. If you’re overwhelmed looking at your options, […] Read more »

Ear deformities are conditions that affect the appearance and function of ears. These deformities can be trauma-based or congenital. Congenital deformities occur at birth and are the most common form of ear abnormality in the United States. Approximately 4 million babies are born with abnormal ear positioning each year. Although a large number of these […] Read more »